How Do You Put Transmission Fluid in an Eclipse Transmission?

by Grace Mclain

Adding transmission fluid to an Eclipse requires a different process for both the automatic transmission and the manual transmission. The transmission fluid keeps the internal parts lubricated and cool. Once the transmission fluid starts to break down, it will not be able to protect these internal parts as it should. This is why you will need to replace the transmission fluid in the Eclipse at least every 30,000 miles, as recommended by the manufacturer.

Step 1

Jack the front end of the car up and place the jack stands securely behind each front tire on the frame rail. Lower the car onto the jack stands. Inspect to make sure that the jack stands are evenly and securely in place under the frame rail of the car on both sides.

Step 2

Crawl under the driver side of the car and locate the transmission fill plug. The fill plug on the manual transmission is located on the very front of the transmission on the driver side. The fill plug will be about halfway up the transmission and is a 17mm bolt head.

If the Eclipse has an automatic transmission, you can add the transmission fluid through the dipstick tube that is located on the rear passenger side of the engine. Just take the dipstick out, add the funnel and start pouring in the automatic transmission fluid. Most all Mitsubishi Eclipse Models come standard with manual transmissions.

Step 3

Put the 17mm socket onto the ratchet and loosen the fill plug on the manual transmission. Completely unscrew the fill plug from the transmission. Stick your finger inside the fill hole. The transmission fluid should be right below the fill hole.

Step 4

Pop the hood of the car. Run the long plastic tube through the top of the engine compartment and down down to the transmission fill plug. Go back under the car and insert the end of the plastic tube into the fill hole. Then go back up to the top of the engine and insert a funnel into the top end of the tube.

Step 5

Start pouring the GL-4 manual transmission fluid through the fill hole until it runs out of the fill hole. Once the fluid comes out of the fill hole, the transmission is full. Remove the plastic tube from the fill hole and screw the fill plug back in. Tighten the fill plug with the ratchet and the 17mm socket.

Step 6

Pull the plastic tube out of the engine compartment. Jack the car up and remove the jack stands out from under the car. Lower the car to the ground. The job is now complete.

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