How to Change Transmission Fluid in a 1998 Honda Accord

by Grace Mclain

The transmission fluid changing process on the 1998 Honda Accord is easy once you know where everything is. The transmission fluid keeps the moving parts inside of the transmission lubricated and cool. The transmission fluid needs to be changed just like the engine oil does, only at different mileage intervals. You can change the transmission fluid on the 1998 Honda Accord yourself in less than an hour.

Step 1

Drive the car around to heat up the transmission fluid. The hotter the transmission fluid is, the thinner the fluid will be. The thinner the transmission fluid is, the more fluid will come out of the transmission.

Step 2

Park the car on an even surface and turn the engine off.

Step 3

Jack up the front end of the car and place the jack stands behind each front tire. There are designated slots behind each front tires on the 1998 Honda Accord for the jack stands to sit under. Put the jack stands in the designated area and lower the car onto the jack stands. Inspect to make sure that the car is securely and evenly on the jack stands.

Step 4

Locate the drain plug on the passenger's side of the transmission. The drain plug is on the lower right hand side of the transmission and it has a 3/8-inch square hole in the center of the plug.

Step 5

Put the square part of the 3/8-inch ratchet into the 3/8-inch square hole in the center of the drain plug. Turn the drain plug counter-clockwise to loosen it. Once the plug is loosened, put the fluid catch pan under the drain plug and finish removing the drain plug from the transmission. Let all of the fluid from the transmission run into the catch pan.

Step 6

Wipe the plug off with a clean rag and put the plug back into the transmission. Tighten the plug back down tightly with the 3/8-inch ratchet. Pull the fluid catch pan out from under the car.

Step 7

Jack the car back up and remove the jack stands. Lower the car back to the ground and remove the jack.

Step 8

Pop the hood and locate the transmission dipstick on the passenger's side of the engine. The dipstick is located on the rear of the engine on the passenger's side. The dipstick will have a red pull handle. Remove the dipstick from the dipstick tube.

Step 9

Put the funnel into the dipstick tube and pour 3 quarts of automatic transmission fluid into the transmission. Remove the funnel and put the dipstick back in.

Step 10

Crank the engine and let the engine run for one minute. Then check the transmission fluid level on the dipstick while the engine is running. The manual for the 1998 Honda Accord calls for 2.8 quarts, but 3.0 quarts of automatic transmission fluid brings the fluid to the full mark on the dipstick. Once you are satisfied with the transmission fluid level, put the dipstick back in and turn the engine off.

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