How do I Replace the Oil Filter on a Lumina?

by Richard Ristow
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A Chevrolet Lumina's oil filter can be unscrewed from the vehicle's oil filter mounting base. To get to the filter, the vehicle has to lifted for undercarriage access. Changing the filter should always be paired with changing the Lumina's motor oil.

Replacing the Filter

Once loosened, oil will leak through the mounting base's threads. Place a drip pan below the filter so this oil can be caught and then properly recycled. There will be oil within the filter that will need to be dumped out. A new filter can easily be screwed into place, but the top of the filter should be coated with uncorrupted motor oil first.

Pair Replacement with an Oil Change

It makes no sense to replace the Lumina's oil filter without draining out the oil first. It is the same oil, no matter if its collected around the filter or sitting in the Lumina's oil pan. Motor oil can be changed by removing the oil pan's drain plug with a socket wrench.


Do not attempt to change the filter or the oil while the Lumina's engine is running. Also, never attempt to change the filter or the oil while the Lumina is only supported by a scissors jack. Safe ways to lift a Lumina include hydraulic lifts, jack stands or portable service ramps.

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