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How do I Fix a Radio Antenna on a Chevrolet Trailblazer?

by Chris Moore

Any problems with your Chevy Trailblazer's radio antenna are likely due to the wiring within the vehicle. These wiring problems can originate with either the antenna cable connected to the base of the antenna itself or the extension cable connecting the antenna to the radio. (If the radio cable is the problem, you need to replace the radio.) It is possible to replace just the extension cable, but if the antenna cable needs to be replaced, that usually means that you'll have to replace the entire antenna.

Removing the Antenna

Disconnect the negative cable from the battery by loosening the black cable clamp nut with a wrench.

Unscrew and remove the antenna mast from the car body, using a small open-end wrench. Take care that the wrench doesn't slip and scratch the paint.

Remove the right sound-insulator panel from the dashboard using a screwdriver. Unscrew the glove box along its bottom edge and pull it out. Pry out the plastic rivets on the lower inner fender liner with pliers. Unbolt and remove the liner with a wrench.

Reach into the glove-box hole and unplug the antenna cable from the radio/extension cable on the far right end of the instrument panel. Tie a fish wire to the antenna cable and pull it out through the hole in the fender well.

Remove the passenger air bag if you need to change the extension cable. Pull off the access plate to the air bag from within the glove-box hole. Unbolt and remove the air outlet with a wrench. Unbolt and remove the air bag with the wrench.

Release the extension cable from the clips securing it to the underside of the dashboard. Unplug the extension cable from both the radio cable and the antenna cable.

Unscrew the antenna base with a screwdriver and remove it with the cable. The antenna base is mounted inside the hood and is what the mast screws onto.


Pull the cable for the replacement antenna mast into the vehicle using the fish wire. Make sure it follows the same path through the hole into the engine compartment, where it will connect to the antenna base, and into the instrument panel.

Connect the antenna to the radio/extension cable. Connect the replacement extension cable first if you removed the old one.

Screw the new antenna base in place in the engine compartment.

Screw the antenna mast in place. Use the new mast that comes with the replacement base/cable if that is appropriate.

Bolt the air bag and the air outlet in place with the wrench. Reinstall the access plate.

Reconnect the dashboard trim for the glove box and the sound-insulator panel with the screwdriver. Reconnect the lower inner fender liner with its bolts and plastic rivets.

Reconnect the battery cable using its clamp and nut.

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