How do I Troubleshoot a PT Cruiser Code PO441?

by Sameca Pandova
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Chrysler PT Cruisers which display the error code P0441 have incurred a evaporative purge flow system malfunction. The evaporative system (EVAP) is an emissions-related system that reroutes fuel vapors from the gas tank back into the intake manifold via a charcoal canister. Several potential fail points exist in the emissions system, meaning you will have to use troubleshooting and a process of elimination to find the problem at the source of the error code. You may still be able to drive your PT Cruiser temporarily despite a failure in the emissions system.

Step 1

Inspect your gas cap to see that it's operating correctly. The PT Cruiser can be sensitive to aftermarket gas caps -- for example, those with a spring-loaded center section that eliminates the need to remove the cap to refuel. Replace the fuel cap with a new OEM or original equipment manufacturer cap from a Chrysler dealership to see if this resolves the issue.

Step 2

Examine the evap purge solenoid, a common cause of the P0441 code. Look at the passenger side of the engine bay, and identify the three black solenoids which are attached to hoses. If these hoses have become loose or torn, they will cause the engine to display the P0441 code,as will holes in the vacuum line, and defective purge solenoids.

Step 3

Replace the Natural Vacuum Leak Detection Pump. This pump is on the gas tank. The internal switch on this sensor can degrade and fail over time. Replacing it will entail raising the rear end of the vehicle and dropping the fuel tank to gain access to the sensor.

Step 4

Have your PT Cruiser scanned by a dealer or independent shop. Your PT cruiser may be displaying additional codes which a qualified mechanic will be able to use to pinpoint the source of the malfunction.

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