How to Do Paintless Dent Removal

by Jenny Carver

Paintless dent removal is the easiest and most expensive way to repair dents. No heavy equipment or special dent pulling tools are needed. Repairing a dent without having to sand, primer and paint it can save you hundreds of dollars, which a body shop would charge to repair a dent from start to finish. You can also do paintless dent removal without having any special skills or training.

Inspect the dent and make sure there are no chips or cracks in the paint. Chips or cracks must be repaired and painted so rust doesn't form. If no chips or cracks are present, proceed with removing the dent by using paintless techniques.

Find a regular household plunger to use on the car's dent. Wet the dent with water and add a small amount of dish liquid or car wash soap. This keeps the area lubricated and allows the plunger to slide around.

Place the plunger against the side of the car over the dent or right in the center of large dents. Press until suction is created and then proceed to use plunging motions, pulling back hard enough to move the sheet metal.

Continue pulling the plunger until the dent is removed. Slide the plunger around in different areas of the dent to pull the entire dent out.


  • check If there are chips in the paint, use touch-up paint to cover them after the dent has been pulled out.

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