How Do I Separate the Rotor From the Hub of a 4X4 Ford Bronco?

by Russell Wood

The Ford Bronco was a popular SUV for Ford, and sold well until it was discontinued in 1996. The vehicles were known for their off-road prowess because of their heavy-duty front suspension. The truck uses a disc-brake front end, with a traditional wheel hub. Separating the two is a fairly straightforward process, although if the rotor is stuck on the hub, it can become a bit more difficult. This should take approximately 30 minutes to do per side.

Lift the front of the Bronco using the jack. Put the jack stands underneath the front end and set it down. Take off the tires with the tire iron.

Locate the pins holding the caliper to the steering knuckle, which sit one on top and one on the bottom of the caliper. Hammer them into the spindle using the punch and dead-blow hammer. Pinch the pins shut using the needle-nose pliers, then pull out the pins. Pull the caliper off the rotor.

Pull the rotor off the hub with both hands. If the rotor is frozen on the hubs, tap the rotor from the back side with the dead-blow hammer, spinning the rotor in the process so you can pop off the rotor evenly.

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