How Do You Reset a Check Engine Light on a Honda Element?

by Benjamin Poepsel
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Check engine lights are a part of most vehicles' maintenance systems and the Honda Element is not different. They turn on when they receive a signal from the on-board computer. Whenever the car's computer receives a warning signal from a sensor or another indicator that the vehicle is not working at specified standards, it sends a signal to the light. Many times this is an intermittent problem or something that does not need to be fixed right away, therefore many owners would like to turn it off and wait to fix the problem.

Resetting the Light

Step 1

Attach the code scanner to the hookup located underneath the dashboard on the driver's side of the Element. Start the vehicle and turn on the scanner and let it read the error code. Write down the error code.

Step 2

Use the reset function on the scanner to tell the car's computer to turn of the light. Unplug the scanner and turn off the engine. Wait one to two minutes and then start the car again. The light should remain off.

Turn on the engine of your Honda Element once again. If the light comes back on, this signifies a critical error and the car should be taken in for service right away. If not, you can ask a local auto shop or mechanic to look up what the error code means. Then, decide if you want to fix it now or later.


  • If you do not have access to a code scanner, contact your local auto parts store. They usually have one and will be willing to let you use it or scan your vehicle for you.


  • Do not try to reset the light by disconnecting the battery. This can lead to problems with your car stereo and alarm and it can erase important diagnostic data.

Items you will need

  • Car
  • Code scanner

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