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How to Do Donuts With a Front-Wheel Drive Car

by Nathaniel Miller

Front wheel drive cars are common on the road today as they handle well and tend to be a bit more fuel efficient than their rear wheel driven competitors. However, some things are a bit more difficult to do in a front wheel drive car, such as donuts. Doing a donut in a car is essentially performing a 360-degree spin and is normally executed by turning sharply and stomping the gas. This causes the rear tires to break loose and spin, pushing the car in a complete circle using the front tires as pivot points. The process of doing a donut in a front wheel drive car is a bit different but can be just as easy.

Accelerate the car to around 30 mph in a straight line.

Turn sharply to the right while pulling the emergency brake at the same time. This should brake the rear tires free and start a skid.

Keep the steering wheel turned and the emergency brake pulled while accelerating with the gas pedal to continue skidding in large, circular donut patterns. The skid will stop either when you run out of momentum or you let off the gas.


  • Donuts in front wheel drive cars are easiest done on a wet or slick paved area as there is less friction to overcome to get the tires to break loose.

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