How do I Retrieve Trouble Codes on a 1995 Jeep Cherokee?

by Brooke Julia
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1995 is the last year Jeep made its trouble codes, stored in the Power Control Module (PCM), accessible through the diagnostic mode. In this mode, trouble codes flash on the dash panel through the "check engine" light. The light blinks repeatedly to indicate a number representing a specific engine problem. After 1995, Jeep made the PCM accessible only through a SCAN tool.

Step 1

Turn your vehicle to the "on" position without firing it up. Switch it back and forth (on, off, on, off and on) within five seconds. This triggers the PCM to go into diagnostic mode. Leave the car on to read the trouble codes.

Step 2

Record the number of times the check engine light flashes. To indicate number codes, the light will flash a number of times to represent the first digit, pause, and then flash to represent the second digit. Code 13, for example, will be represented like this: flash, pause, flash, flash, flash.

Step 3

Continue recording the engine codes (there may be several) until the check engine light flashes the code 55, which stands for "End of Code Output."

Step 4

Reference the codes in your Jeep manual or on the Internet to determine any engine problems indicated during the process you've just completed. See "Resources" for a link to Jeep code meanings.

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