What to Do With Broken Matco Tools

by Timothy Burns
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The Matco Tools company sells high quality mechanics-grade tools directly to the automotive mechanic and auto repair industry. Matco uses a franchise business model and leases its trucks and equipment to franchise owners. Franchisees service a fixed geographic area and build personal relationships with their customers to add value to the face-to-face marketing. Matco tools are covered by a lifetime limited warranty.

Franchise Business Model

The Matco Tools business model uses personal relationships and high contact marketing to place its tools in front of the end users. Rather than sell its tools through a traditional retail store business model, such as NAPA Auto Parts, Matco relies on its franchisees to build relationships with, and service its customers. Franchise owners build their own sales routes, and make regular sales and service calls to customers in the brightly-painted Matco tools truck. Matco has sold tools to mechanics and businesses serving the auto industry for more than 60 successful years.

Mobile Tool Distribution Trucks

One key component of the Matco Tools business model is its mobile distribution truck and warehouse. Serving as a distribution center, a display center, retail store and a service and warranty service center, the Matco trucks travel throughout their sales territory with everything they need on board the red, white and blue trucks. By selling tools from the Matco trucks, franchise owners are able to keep their business costs low and establish one-on-one relationships with their customers and prospective customers.

Product Warranty

Any tool branded with the Matco Tools logo is warrantied against defects in materials and workmanship for the life of the tool. At the discretion of the Matco Tools representative, Matco will repair or replace any tool bearing its company's name. Repairs or replacements are completed without charge if the tool is returned to a local Matco service center, or presented to one of Matco's authorized representatives.

Defective Tool

The Matco franchisee effectively handles sales, returns and warranties on all Matco tools. Because the Matco business owner sees his customers on a regular basis, the representative is able to service all warranty and product problems in the field. If a Matco Tools customer does not have regular contact with a local representative, he can mail the defective product to a Matco regional repair center.

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