How Do I Remove a Rear Wiper Arm from a 2007 GM Trail Blazer?

by Marion Cobretti

Damage to the rear wiper arm on your TrailBlazer most often occurs during a trip through the drive-through car wash. The wiper arm also commonly suffers damage during the winter months. This happens when its blade becomes stuck to the window and you attempt to operate the wiper--the action creates undo strain on the wiper arm’s motor and leads to stripping of the gear that the arm attaches too. You can remove the damaged rear wiper arm on the 2007 GM TrailBlazer right at home. Taking the wiper arm off should take you 10 minutes to complete, and the same amount of time to replace it.

Step 1

Wrap electrical tape around the head of the flat-head screwdriver. Use the screwdriver to carefully lift the outer edge of the protective cap at the base of the rear wiper arm. Pop the cap off the arm and set it down on the bumper.

Step 2

Pull the wiper fluid hose away from its connection on the wiper arm. Use care when you disconnect the hose to avoid disconnecting it from the wiper motor within the lift gate. If the hose starts to leak washer fluid, clog it by sticking a toothpick halfway into the hole on the hose.

Step 3

Hold the wiper arm near its base with one hand; loosen and remove the wiper arm’s securing nut with your socket wrench.

Remove the wiper arm from the motor’s pivot shaft by pulling it toward you. Dirt and debris often build up around the joint and prevent the arm from pulling off. If this is the case, wiggle the arm back-and-forth a bit to release it.

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