How to Disassemble a 57 Chevy Steering Column

by Troy Thompson
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The 1957 Chevrolet is a model year subject to intense interest from collectors. However, all things have a tendency to degrade with age, and this is true for all parts of any automobile -- including its steering column. Thus, whether your intent is to refurbish a '57 Chevy for your own use or for resale to a collector, you may need to know how to disassemble its steering column.

Step 1

Loosen, with your Phillips screwdriver, the screws holding the horn assembly in place and remove it to expose the steering wheel retaining nut.

Step 2

Unfasten the steering wheel retaining nut with your ratchet and use your steering wheel puller to remove the wheel.

Step 3

Remove the spring and spring seat.

Step 4

Use your ball peen hammer and 3/16-inch punch to drive out the pin holding the shifting arm in place and remove the shifting arm.

Step 5

Remove the neutral safety switch by unfastening the retaining screws and detaching the wires.

Step 6

Disconnect the wiring harness for the turn signal and horn. This harness is on the left, under the dash.

Step 7

Remove the lower and upper covers and the clutch head screw. Pry the upper cover with your flat head screwdriver to remove it.

Step 8

Detach the shift indicator wire.

Step 9

Unfasten the bolts the steering column clamp in place and remove the clamp.

Step 10

Open the hood and locate the steering column shift arm.

Step 11

Use a 1/2-inch wrench to remove the transmission shift linkage rod from the steering column shift arm.

Step 12

Use your ratchet and 3/8-inch socket to remove the steering column shift arm from the bottom of the steering column.

Step 13

Use your 1/2-inch wrench and your ratchet and 1/2-inch socket to unfasten the bolts holding the lower clamp in place and slide the clamp down the housing, resting it on the steering box.

Step 14

Unclasp the clips holding the steering column floor seal and lead them through the firewall, using your 3/16-inch punch and ball peen hammer as needed.

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