The Disadvantages of Electric Power Steering

by Neal Litherland
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Electric power steering is a power steering system that uses computers, electronic sensors and a small electric engine to replace traditional, hydraulic power steering. While there are numerous advantages to this system, including increased gas mileage and a less labor intensive fix, there are also certain disadvantages to electric power steering.


Electric power steering systems improve auto efficiency and safety. However, electric power steering is still relatively new and costly compared with traditional hydraulic steering.

Home Repair

A disadvantage common to electronic car parts is they can't be repaired without specialized diagnostic equipment and advanced tools. Electric power steering is a great boon to a car, but when it fails due to computer failure, sensor damage or just parts wearing out, the owner will be stuck with a significant bill. More traditional systems are friendlier to the DIY owner.


Upgrading a traditional vehicle's hydraulic power steering system to an electric power steering system is a big project with a hefty cost. Newer cars are built with electric power steering systems in mind, whereas hydraulic systems are larger, clunkier and arranged differently.

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