The Different Types of Trucks

by Steve Smith
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Trucking is a vital part of America's economy. The ability to move goods from one place to another will always be necessary to make commerce happen. There are several different types of trucks needed to handle all those different loads. From contractor supplies to vegetables, specific truck types do various jobs that span multiple industries.

Heavy Load Trucks

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The most common type of heavy load truck is the tractor trailer. This truck has a single forward axle with two wheels, and three axles with four to six wheels on each axle. This is where the truck garners the name 18-wheeler, because it has a total of 18 wheels. It will haul a variety of different trailers including flatbed trailers (consisting of a single flat bed), enclosed trailers and tanks. These trucks are used for long distance hauling of dry products, produce, furniture, fuel and liquids.

Specialty Trucks

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Special purpose trucks are used for a range of various jobs. Dump trucks, which have a large open topped container that extends upward on a hydraulic arm, hauls dirt and gravel. Garbage trucks have hydraulic crushing arms that compact trash. These are used to collect and dispose of waste. Boom trucks are another specialty vehicle. These trucks have a crane boom mounting on a bed behind the truck cab and they are utilized by construction workers to build homes and building, and utility companies to string cable wires.

Personal Trucks

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The pick-up truck is the most common personal use truck. This consists of a cab and a flat truck bed. It is a two axle truck, however large pick-up trucks sometimes have a dual-wheel rear axle with two wheels on each side. This adds stability and towing power power. These trucks are used commercially by contractors to haul large objects like cement mixers, and tools to their work sites. These trucks will tow loads in the vicinity of 9,000 pounds or more, depending on how powerful they are.

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