Differences between the Crew Cab & SuperCab From Ford

by Shara JJ Cooper
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SuperCabs and crew cabs are two types of cabins available for Ford trucks. Ford offers these types of cabs, as well as regular cabs, in its F-series and Ranger pickup trucks. When choosing between the different models, you must decide how much space you need, along with price and seating arrangements.


The SuperCab is Ford's version of an extended cab. Instead of having four full doors, as with the crew cab, the SuperCab has a full passenger door, full driver's door and two half doors in the back. You can only open these half doors when the front doors are open; they open toward the back of the truck instead of toward the front. The SuperCab can have either bench seats in the back or jump seats---small seats that face into the cab of the truck so the passengers face each other. These seats are best suited for children. SuperCabs typically do not have as much legroom as crew cabs.

Crew Cab

Ford's crew cabs are full-size cabs with four doors, bench seats and more legroom than the SuperCabs. Crew cabs are available in all of the F-series trucks, including the F-150, F -250, F-350 and F-450. When you buy a Ford truck, a model with a crew cab will cost more than one with a SuperCab. Crew cabs offer passengers more space and are thus more accommodating for adults.

Time Frame

The SuperCab first made its debut in the 1974 Ford F-150. The Ford Ranger first offered the SuperCab option in the mid-1980s. Ford has offered F-350s with both regular or crew cabs since 1969. Since 1999, both the F-350 and the F-450 come with either regular, SuperCab or crew cabs.

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