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1984 Ford Truck F250 Specifications

by Matt Vietri

The Ford Motor Company began manufacturing the F-series pickup trucks over in 1948 and are still producing them over 60 years later. The 1984 Ford F-250 is a seventh-generation Ford pickup truck that is available in various models, including the large super duty work truck.

Engine Specs

The 1984 Ford F-250 engines featured quite a wide range of engine sizes: a 300 cubic-inch inline six-cylinder engine, a 255 cubic-inch V8, a 302 cubic-inch V8, a 351 cubic-inch V8, a 400 cubic-inch V8, a 460 cubic-inch V8 and a 420 cubic-inch V8. With the exception of the 420 cubic-inch V8, which ran on diesel, every engine was fueled by regular gasoline. The 1984 F-250 also offered a three-speed and a four-speed automatic, or a manual transmission. The V6 engines were considerably more fuel efficient than the V8s.

Interiors and Trim

The 1984 F-250 offered a wide variety of interior and trim level options. They were the XL, XLT, XLS, Explorer and Lariat trucks. Ford also offered a variety of color options and interior fabrics as well.

Body Style

The 1984 F-250 pickup truck offered two versions, the regular two-door cab and the larger two-door extended cab. Both models could seat three passengers comfortably, but the extended model featured a storage compartment behind the front seat. During this year Ford was in in the middle of releasing its seventh generation F-series pickup trucks, which had a square design that had been conceived during 1980 when Ford redesigned its line of trucks.

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