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What is the Difference Between a Toyota Corolla LE and a CE?

by Chris Burrows

Introduced in the seventh and continuing into the ninth generation of Toyota's famed compact, CE and LE Corollas have formed the base and luxury lines, respectively, of the Corolla brand.


First introduced in the 1997 model-year, the Corolla CE once marked the top of the line, above the base and DX model Corollas. That seventh-generation model included sought-after upgrades such as power windows and locks, cruise control and a rear spoiler.

Eighth Generation (1998-2002)

In 1998, Toyota introduced the Corolla LE and VE, along with the newly designed eighth-generation Corolla. The LE replaced the CE as the top-of-the-line model, while the VE took the spot as the base model.

Ninth Generation (2003-2008)

Starting in 2000, until Toyota dropped it after the 2008 model-year, the CE became the base model Corolla, even with the introduction of the completely overhauled ninth-generation Corolla first sold for the 2003 model-year. In the 2009 model-year, Toyota instituted a new model lineup system, made up of the base, S, LE, XLE and XRS models.

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