Difference Between F-250 & F-350

by Michelle Furlong
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The F250 and F350 are part of Ford's Super Duty line of trucks. The trucks were introduced in 1953 as part of the F series under the names F-2 and F-3. After a redesign for the 1999 model year, the names were changed to the F250 and F350. Since both trucks offer the same numerous trim packages, it is simpler to compare the same package on each truck. In this case, that is the Super Duty 4x4 172-inch Styleside XL.

Interior Room

Both the F250 and the F350 come with standard seating for six, which includes the standard second row folding seat. However, the F250 has slightly more headroom in the second row (41.4 inches compared with 41.0 inches). It also has more legroom in the front row (41.0 to 40.7) and the rear (41.8 to 41.3). The F250 also has slightly more front hip room (67.6 to 67.4).

Towing and Payload Capacity

Although the bed dimensions are the same for the F250 and F350, there is a significant difference in the towing capacity and the payload capacity. The maximum towing capacity of the F250 is 12,500 pounds, compared with 16,800 pounds for the F350. This is a difference of 4,300 pounds. The F350's payload capacity is 1,220 pounds more than the F250 (4,170 compared with 2,950). The towing capacity refers to the maximum weight a vehicle can tow. Payload capacity refers to the maximum amount of weight a vehicle can hold.


The F350 also has a greater standard (10,600 to 9,600 pounds) and maximum (11,500 to 10,000 pounds) GVWR than the F250. GVWR refers to the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. The GVWR refers to the maximum amount a vehicle can weigh. It takes into consideration not just the weight of what may in the bed, but the weight of the driver, passengers, fuel and anything else that may be in the truck.

Other Differences

There are other differences between the trucks, with the price perhaps being the most notable. The F250 is priced from $32,530 and the F350 is $920 more at $33,450. In addition, the F250 has 17-inch alloy wheels as a standard feature, while the F350 does not offer them. The curb weight of the F350 is five pounds heavier than the F250. Finally, the F250 has an independent front suspension compared to the live suspension on the F350.

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