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How to Determine What ABS System a Chevy Truck Has

by Tim Petruccio

Chevrolet trucks were first produced in 1918. The first Chevrolet truck to receive the antilock brake system, or ABS, was the 1993 K series and C series. The S-10 line of trucks received antilock brakes as well. Finding out which antilock brake system your Chevrolet truck has, regardless of the year or model, is a nearly identical process. The only thing that will differ among the years or models is the location of certain ABS parts.

Step 1

Open the hood on your Chevrolet truck. Visually inspect the engine compartment and locate the antilock brake pressure modulator box, which has a multitude of brake lines protruding from it. The master cylinder on the Chevrolet truck will have only two lines protruding from it, whereas the antilock brake control valve or brake pressure modulator will have anywhere from four to six lines protruding from it. Most brake pressure modulators are located underneath the master cylinder, in the rear of the engine compartment. Some 1990s versions of the Chevy truck have the modulator under the truck, directly beneath the driver's cockpit, along the inside of the chassis rail.

Step 2

Physically count the amount of brake lines protruding from the brake pressure modulator. If you have four lines on the modulator, you only have two-wheel ABS. If there are six lines on the modulator, you have four-wheel ABS.

Visually inspect the rear of each brake assembly to find out whether you have front wheel or rear-wheel ABS. The ABS control module has wiring harnesses that go into the back of the wheels with vehicle speed sensors on them. The wheels with electric wires going into the back of the brake assemblies are wheels that have ABS equipped on them.

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