How to Design Cars

by Kristal Smith

Car designing involves creating the actual appearance of a car. Sometimes you will also create the concept. Most people who design cars have a degree in the industry of basic design or automotive design. Car designers work closely with a group of automotive engineers to ensure that the form follows the function.

There are three basic sections of car design: exterior design, interior design and trim design. Usually, a team works on each section. If desired, you can use graphic design to add extra appeal to your car. Graphic design is used to create decals, switches and badges. The design, however, should complement the overall function of the car.

Design the exterior. The exterior is the outside vision of the car. In this design, you should create the proportions, shape and style of what the outside of the car will look like. First, sketch your ideas. Then go back through and add to or change the sketches. Designers will then create their car on computer software. Some designers create the car out of model clay to go along with their sketches. These clay models are not created from scratch. The design is first created with a software program, then a machine will carve the clay until it becomes the design that you created on the software.

Design the interior. You will need to create a dashboard design by determining where items will be located. These items might include a GPS system, CD player, tape player, MP3 player, smart phone and other accessories. The paneling, type of seats, doors, pillar trims and materials must also be selected. Designers create designs on software and clay models for the interior design, as well.

The color and trim should complement the style of both the interior and the exterior. You should design a color and trim that will look good together, comparing both the interior and exterior. You might need paint, plastic, leather, grains, fabric designs, and other tools. Give the contrast, color, patterns and textures a great deal of thought, then carefully combine your choices. Many designers get ideas from designs in home furnishings and architecture. Global trends should be considered.

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