How to Decode a Vin Number on a Banshee

by Alexandra Bee
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Every vehicle sold in the United States has a unique Vehicle Identifcation Number, or VIN, including the Yamaha Banshee. You can use the information encoded within a VIN number to find information about your vehicle's production.

Step 1

Locate the VIN number of your Yamaha Banshee. The VIN number is generally found on the bottom left of the frame underneath your stator cover. If you cannot find your VIN number, reference your Banshee's user guide or manual --- or call Yamaha's support directly.

Step 2

Begin decoding the Banshee's VIN code by separating the VIN numbers, as they have different meanings. The first VIN character stands for the location your vehicle was manufactured and built at. The second and third VIN numbers indicate the car's manufacturing company. The 4th-8th characters on the VIN number mean specifics such as the brand, engine size, and even the type. The 9th character is a security code used to verify the manufacturer authorized the vehicle for sale. The 10th character in the VIN number stands for the year the car was built. The 11th digit indicates which plant the vehicle was manufactured in specifically, aside from the general state or country location indicate by the first character in the VIN code. The last 6 characters in your VIN number indicate the vehicle's personal serial number to identify it with.

Use the information you have found for selling purposes or researching the vehicle's history. This information is also helpful when looking to purchase specific parts or factory parts for your specific vehicle's model.

Decoding your Vehicle's VIN Number

Step 1

Open your computer's Internet browser and visit a free VIN decoding website that you trust and one that is well-known, such as CarFax or Decode This (see References).

Step 2

Enter the VIN number into the website's VIN lookup search bar as you read it from your Banshee. The website will search its directory to find any and all of the information it can regarding your specific model and make. Some websites offer VIN lookups free, though these are not always as reliable or thorough. Some paid services, such as CARFAX offers detailed car reports, but may also charge depending on the depth of the report (

Decode and research the information presented from the VIN lookup website to find information regarding your vehicle's history, parts, and manufacturing location. This may help you find replacement parts as well as more information regarding past incidents, accidents, and any other issues your vehicle may have or experience.

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