How to Decode 327 Chevrolet Engine Numbers

by Stephania M
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General Motors assigns a casting number to each Chevrolet engine. In 1962, the company began manufacturing the 327 cubic inch displacement, or CID, small block engine. These casting numbers contain seven digits and provide vehicle specific information, such as engine horsepower. Finding out what the casting numbers mean can save you a lot of time, especially if you need to have your engine repaired or replaced.

Step 1

View the Quick Stop Speed Shop manual (see Resources). The manual includes information on Chevrolet engine casting numbers. Locate the "CID" column and scroll down to find "327." The other columns provide information such as the model year, casting number, type of vehicle and special notes.

Step 2

Go to the Chevy-Camaro website (see Resources). This website provides engine casting number information for Chevrolet vehicles. Select "327" from the "Select Block Casting Group" drop-down menu. The results include casting numbers, horsepower and notes specifying relevant vehicle types.

Step 3

Review the Chevelle manual (see Resources). This manual provides casting numbers and related information for various Chevrolet engines. The first section includes details for small block engines. Scroll down the page or use the PDF "Search" to locate "327" and relevant information, such as horsepower and vehicle type.

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