How to Customize a Semi Truck Sleeper

by Miranda Brumbaugh
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Sleepers provide a home away from home for truck drivers. Semi-trucks are equipped with sleeper cabs to increase efficiency for long-distance haulers. A driver is able to save money on lodging and food by using the sleeper compartment for lounging, sleeping and eating. Materials, technology and equipment choices are available to suit any taste when customizing a sleeper.

Step 1

Select materials for walls and floors. Wall materials include leather, vinyl, cloth or paneling. Flooring styles include hardwood, carpet or diamond-plate aluminum. Decide on an overall theme for the sleeper design. Color palettes often match the exterior paint of the truck. Use walls for storage space. Add custom doors and shelving to storage units. Create a clothes closet by adding a bar across the top of a tall storage space to hang your clothes. Smaller spaces are convenient for storing personal items or tools. Add key-operated locks to all doors in the sleeper for security.

Step 2

Pick appropriate sleeping accommodations. Bunk beds are convenient for team drivers. Typical sleepers are fitted with a twin bed, but some semi-trucks will accommodate a full-size bed. Choose a full-size bed for a husband-and-wife team. A fold-up bed can be stowed when using the sleeper for eating or lounging.

Step 3

Purchase a small refrigerator, microwave and toaster oven to prepare food in your sleeper. Install a power inverter to convert the truck battery power to the appropriate voltage for the appliances. Add a table that fits into the back wall and folds down when the bed is folded up. Add cabinets to hold food items, dining ware and paper products. Seating stowed beneath the bunk can be accessed when the bed is folded away.

Step 4

Select TVs, DVD players and stereos built specifically for semi-trucks. Equipment made for semi-trucks is smaller, so it takes up less cabin space and requires less power. Choose equipment built to handle the vibrations of travel.

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