How to Create a Replacement Ford Window Sticker

by Abram Shaner

When a Ford automobile is built, it is issued a window sticker. This sticker provides information about the vehicle such as manufacturer's suggested retail price, engine specifications, and standard and optional equipment. This information may be valuable to you when you plan to sell your automobile or just to keep for your records. If you have misplaced or discarded your Ford window sticker, you can create a replacement online.

Step 1

Find your Ford's vehicle identification number, or VIN. Look on your driver's side interior dash--viewable through the windshield--the front of the engine block, the front end of the frame, or on your vehicle registration. Go to the Ford Next-Gen Platform Services Window .pdf website (see Reference section). Type in your VIN at the end of the link in the browser and push enter. A .pdf will appear with the window sticker of your Ford model if the vehicle is a 2006 model or newer.

Step 2

Go to if your Ford is a 2005 model or older. Click on "use it free of charge for a full 30 days" and download the Desklot window sticker printing software. Enter your specific Ford model in the window sticker template. Read the various specifications and options that follow. Check the boxes for specifications such as engine size and power, drive train and transmission. Check the boxes for options of your Ford model such as power windows and doors, stereo system and leather interior. If you do not know all the correct specifications or options of your vehicle, check the factory invoice online at sites such as and Kelley Blue Book. For an additional fee, you may purchase a VIN decoder from Desklot. This will allow you to enter the VIN of your Ford and see the exact specifications and options.

Step 3

Print the window sticker you created on 8 1/2- by 11-inch sticker stock. You may find sticker stock at Desklot, other online resources or at your local office supply store.

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