What Could We Use Instead of Fossil Fuels?

by Jin Sunszine
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Alternative fuels are becoming more necessary as oil shortages become more common and environmental problems more intense. With improving technologies, humans are developing ways to tap into the Earth's organic resources, which can be recycled as fuels for civilization's needs and concerns. Read on to learn more about using natural alternatives and renewable energy to maintain our standards of living.


Massive wind turbine farms have already been installed all over the world, providing the world with its most popular renewable energy option.


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This is a form of renewable energy that has been used for ages but is only now becoming popular. Solar panels installed on private or public property use the sun's light energy to provide an endless and natural power source. Solar panels can be installed at your home, which can provide you with tax breaks. Researchers say that if only 25 square miles of solar panels could be built in the desert, these panels could power the entire United States.


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Biofuels can be considered a sustainable and renewable form of energy if their source is replenishable. This kind of fuel depends on using plants that can be burned for energy. Practical applications of biofuels include using vegetable oil for running cars and burning methane for heat.


This alternative fuel is still under research but is seen as potentially the most powerful. As an example of its power, the sun's thermonuclear reactions that give us heat and light on Earth use hydrogen as their primary element. Hydrogen is a vital part of water, the most abundant material on Earth. Methods for extracting hydrogen from the seas are under constant testing.

Nuclear Power

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A very powerful source of power, nuclear power provides the nation of Switzerland with over half its power, wind being the other half. Switzerland has a long reputation of productivity that the US could mirror. Technology is safe enough in this area of alternative fuel production to adopt as a major source of power.

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