Costs for Living in a Motor Home

by Harry Havemeyer
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Some people, particularly retirees, are attracted to the notion of living in a motor home full-time. The decision to pack up and live in a recreation vehicle should be made with a consideration of costs planned out. You will have to take into account the financial changes that occur when making such a lifestyle decision before you can deem the decision to move into an RV as a fiscally responsible one.

Dropped Expenses

Since you are moving into a motor home full time, you can deduct some of your previous expenses. You will not longer have to pay your rent or mortgage or home owner's association dues. Property taxes and yard upkeep will also no longer be of concern to you as you place your roots in your motor home.


The first and one of the most important financial considerations to consider when making the leap to motor home living is that of parking fees. You will need to park your motor home and dump the grey water from your bathroom and utility room. You can park at basic park facilities with only the most essential services, or you can opt to park your motor home at a pricey RV resort.


As you will not be needing your furniture, and even the most spacious 45-foot Prevost motor home will probably be smaller than your current abode, you will need to consider what to do with your furniture and personal belongings. Consider the size of storage unit you will need, and how much this will cost monthly.


Making your home on the road will require you to sign up with a mail forwarding service to get your physical mail. Also consider that you will not always have access to Wi-Fi spots on the road, and you may need to tether your cell phone to your laptop for Internet service, which will require an unlimited data plan.


Motor homes are not as fuel efficient as a standard car and truck, so you will have to calculate how much gas you will consume based on just how much driving you will be doing in your motor home.

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