Corvette Power Steering Pump Removal

by Bob Johnson

Corvette power steering pumps have had design changes over the years, but all use the same principle consistent with GM products. They all have the same basic function, which is to pump fluid through hoses connected to a control valve, a ram cylinder and back to its reservoir. If removal becomes necessary, the steps involved are pretty much the same for the C3 models from 1968 to 1982. This is based on the 1978 Corvette, and it may be applied to other years and models.

Remove the air cleaner and ducting. Cover the carburetor with a towel or clean rag.

Remove both rubber hoses connected to the pump. Plug or cap the hoses to keep dirt out and fluid in.

Loosen the pump support bolt and the pivot bolt. Push the pump inward to loosen and remove the belt.

Pull the pump out of the engine. Be careful maneuvering it between the alternator and the fan blade.


  • check Take a few digital pictures before starting. It may come in handy.
  • check A drip pan underneath will help avoid a mess.


  • close Some metal parts may be sharp. Move cautiously.
  • close The pump reservoir will still have fluid in it. Avoid spilling on clothing, drive belts and paint.

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