How to Convert a Beer Keg Into a Gas Tank

by Ezmeralda Lee

The perfect addition to any custom build is a beer-keg gas tank. The highlight of custom design is the ability of the fabricator to incorporate unique and eye-catching elements into the final design. A beer keg provides an unusual and unexpected component that is also structurally sound for use as gas storage in the vehicle. The fabrication of a beer-keg gas tank is relatively simple; only an eye for clean detail is required to create a piece of automotive art.

Step 1

Clean the keg. Before installation can begin, you must clean the keg properly. It is important to remove all sediment. Add the gas-tank cleaning solution to the keg and allow it to sit overnight. Rinse the keg thoroughly with a garden hose to remove all material from the keg, and allow the keg to dry.

Step 2

Seal the keg. Place the flashlight cap over the opening of the keg. Weld a steady bead around the cap. Use a grinder to smooth the welds around the cap.

Step 3

Install the conversion kit. Brace the keg on its side. Locate the center top of the keg, and use a cutting torch to cut a round hole, 3 inches in diameter, at that point. Clean the area around the new opening. Place the fabricated reservoir opening over the hole. Hammer the outer edges of the reservoir until it forms evenly against the keg. Weld a steady bead around the edge of the reservoir opening, and grind over the weld to make it smooth and even.

Step 4

Install the nozzle. Drill a hole at the lowest end of one side of the keg. Screw the nozzle into the hole. For added support, apply a dry welding compound on the threads of the nozzle before screwing it into the keg.

Step 5

Install the beer-keg gas tank. Place the keg, with the reservoir upright, into the position where you want to mount the tank. Mark the spots for the anchor bolts on all four corners of the keg and drill holes. Remove the tank, and anchor one end of each metal strap to the vehicle. Place the tank under the straps and anchor the free ends, ensuring that the tank is tightly mounted to the vehicle.

Step 6

Connect the lines and the tank. Drill a ½-inch hole in the area below the nozzle on the tank. Run the fuel line through the hole, and secure the line to the nozzle with the metal clamp.

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