What Is a Continuous Duty Solenoid?

by Micah McDunnigan

Solenoids are cylindrical devices containing tight metal coiling within them. The devices are designed to convert electrical energy into mechanical power. Continuous duty solenoids are rated for 100 percent duty cycle.

Duty Cycles

Solenoids are rated for how much time they can be powered on. If a solenoid is energized for one out of every 10 duty cycles, then it has a 10 percent duty cycle. Individual solenoids are designed to withstand different duty cycles.

Continuous Duty

Continuous duty solenoids are designed for operating conditions in which they are subjected to heavy use. Consequently, they are rated to be used in 100 percent duty cycles, or constant use.


Continuous duty solenoids, because they are more durable, tend to be much physically larger than their non-continuous counterparts. Solenoids also vary in terms of the voltage they can tolerate, which will be included in the solenoid's documentation.

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