Cons for Wearing Seat Belts

by J. Williams
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Buckle up is the law, but it seems that many people choose to ignore it. Is it really safer to wear a seat belt? We all know about the pros, but what are the cons? In reality, any cons to wearing a seat belt are greatly overshadowed by the pros, and more likely than not, wearing a seat belt will save your life.


A seat belt is a harness in a car. It straps across the body and buckles at the opposite hip. It is meant to protect the passenger from injury in the event of an accident.


Most people believe that a con to strict seat belt laws is that they infringe upon their rights to choose not to wear a seat belt. They believe that it is one way that the government is trying to control them.


Getting trapped in a burning vehicle due to a stuck seat belt is another con. Many people keep a magnetic seat belt cutter in their car in case this happens.


Some passengers find seat belts uncomfortable or cutting across their body in a painful position. Due to this, they choose not to wear a seat belt.


In 2008, the number of people wearing a seat belt was 83 percent, going up from 82 percent in 2007, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. For those on freeways, it was 90 percent, an increase from 89 percent in 2007.


In 2007, wearing a seat belt saved 15,147 lives and has saved 76,936 lives between 2003 to 2007. An added 5,024 lives could have been saved in fatal crashes if the passengers would have been wearing their seat belts.


Wearing a seat belt has saved thousands of lives and could have saved many more if those people would have buckled up. Although it can happen, it is rare for a seat belt to get stuck.

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