Competitive Advantages of Honda

by Lennon Simpson
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Honda enjoys many advantages in the automotive market that make it the top choice for many buyers. Honda has been around long enough that these advantages have come to be expected from any of their brands. To Honda's credit, they continue to introduce cars that meet and exceed these expectations every year.


Honda has a remarkable reputation of quality building practices and parts, and this is not undeserved. Honda automobiles are consistently ranked very high in terms of quality by Consumer Reports as well as a multitude of other independent consumer groups. A testament to this quality is the sheer number of older Honda vehicles still running on the roads today.

Fuel Efficiency

Honda also receives high marks for overall fleet fuel efficiency. This is in large part a product of Honda being an industry leader in high fuel efficiency models that propelled it to popularity during times of high gas prices. The Honda CRX HF model was one of the first cars sold on the merits of its miserly gas mileage, and even though it was released in the late '80s, its gas mileage is on par with many of today's hybrids. More recently, Honda was one of the first car companies to release a hybrid vehicle in the Honda Odyssey and continues to lead the way with a huge selection of hybrid vehicles.


Honda is routinely cited as being one of the best "bang for the buck" car brands. Whether you're looking at their luxury line or their sports car offerings, it is often true that you get a lot for your money when you buy a Honda. Their cars routinely rank on par with more expensive counterparts in the automotive industry, according to Consumer Reports.

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