What Is a Clear Blue Texas Car Title?

by Fraser Sherman

Texas titles tell you a lot about the car, not all of it good. State law requires owners "brand" their title certificate to warn possible purchasers about problems. A clear title is one with no brands. In Texas, that clear title is blue. A branded title may be another color. Vehicles sent to a salvage yard have a green title certificate, for instance.

Branded Titles

A car title gets a salvage brand when the vehicle is damaged to the point that the insurer has written it off as a total loss. If the owner restores the car to Texas standards, the owner gets a blue title with a "rebuilt" brand. A "replica" or "street rod" title tells you one of the prior owners extensively modified the original design, or replaced the body parts with different materials. A title with the "water damage" brand says the car has been seriously flooded. Branding a title makes it harder for sellers to pass off a lemon as a good car.

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