How to Clean Wire Wheels

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Wire wheels have many crevices where brake dust and road debris can accumulate, making them difficult to clean. Car washes and simple hosing off typically won't remove the harmful debris. Spending an afternoon paying close attention to the car's wire wheels will not only make the car look nice, but also help eliminate potential wear and tear.

Hose away most of the loose material from the wheels. This will wash away most of the obvious debris and contaminants. Use the jet or power setting on the hose to blast off any stubborn road materials such as rubber, metal filings and brake dust.

Prepare a solution of car washing soap and water in a bucket. Use a small brush soaked in the solution to get deeper into the wire wheel's spokes. Work from the outside of the wheel inwards.

Buy a commercial wire wheel cleaner. These highly acidic solutions help remove metal filings and brake pad materials that have etched into the wire wheel spokes. Read the provided instructions for proper use of the cleaner.

Apply a generous coating of car wax to the wire wheels after all contaminants have been cleaned away. Car wax will provide a slippery surface and repel any debris from attaching to the wire wheel. Repeat this treatment at every car washing.


  • check Use a good quality Carnuba wax for the wire wheel treatment. Find a wax that comes in a spray bottle for easier application.
  • check Apply the commercial cleaner to the wheel spokes when the wheel is completely dry. This will ensure the cleaner bonds with the contaminants better.


  • close Wash away any commercial cleaner per their instructions to avoid accidental etching of the wire wheels.

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