How to Clean a Windshield

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Cleaning a windshield sounds easy enough until inevitably, some persistent substance comes along with the sole purpose of making your life difficult. If you've come into contact with one of these, the following tips can come in handy.

Remove stickers. To get rid of these, rub the area with non-acetone nail polish remover or lighter fluid. Both of these help to avoid messy clean ups since they also remove the gummy residue normally left behind.

Scrape off the insects. Sprinkle a small amount of dish detergent on your windshield and scrub with a mesh onion bag or commercially available nylon pot scrubber. Both items remove insects easily from your windshield without harming the glass.

Take away the dirt. Using baking soda on a damp rag easily cleans dust and grime from glass and chrome surfaces. Afterward, rinse the windshield with clean water and towel dry with a soft cloth.

Ward off ice. Keep wiper blades free of ice by applying a coat of rubbing alcohol to them. For your windshield, spray on a solution of 3 parts vinegar and 1 part water at night to ensure that it is ice free in the morning.

Replace your wiper blades. Doing this once a year prevents grime build up, which contributes to a hard to clean, streaky windshield.


  • check If you encounter a stubborn, hard to remove sticker, saturate the area in salad oil first before you begin scraping. This coats the gum and prevents it from sticking to the surface.
  • check Baking soda not only repels dirt and grime, but prevents rain from collecting on your windshield as well.
  • check Built up ice can also be removed using a box of fine grain salt.
  • check Make your own cleaning solution using 2 quarts of rubbing alcohol, 1 cup of water and 1 teaspoon of detergent.

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