How to Clean Under a Car

by Randall Shatto

Cleaning under a car is important. Debris, dirt and mud chucks can create road hazards and harm car parts. Rocks or dirt can kick up on the road and break windshields or even flatten ties, and you could be responsible for paying damages to other vehicle owners. While washing the whole vehicle, you can take 10 more minutes and clean under the car. Jacking up the car is unnecessary when you have the correct cleaning supplies.

Fill the bucket up with water. Lay a towel or pad down on the ground in front of the car. Sit or lay on the pad.

Moisten the squeegee with the chrome cleaner. Clorox All-Purpose Cleaner and Fantastik Orange Oil have degreaser properties, and they are safe on chrome. These are available in local stores along with other products.

Rub the underside of the car. Scrub in rows back and fourth as far as the squeegee reaches. Apply more cleaning solution to the squeegee. Repeat the process.

Dunk the squeegee inside the bucket. Wash away the cleaner under the front side of the car. Again, use a back and forth motion in rows. Rinse the squeegee and duplicate the procedure.

Move the towel or pad to the back of the car along with the other supplies. Sit or lay once more. Repeat the steps.

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