How to Clean a Toyota Camry Throttle Body

by Alibaster Smith

The throttle body on a Toyota Camry controls and mixes the air and fuel that goes into the engine. As air comes into the throttle body through the air intake, suction created by the throttle body design draws fuel in from a chamber located inside the throttle body housing. This fuel mixes with air and is sent into the combustion chamber to be ignited. Over time, contaminates in the gasoline (from low grade gas suppliers or from rust inside the gas tank) may create a buildup of debris inside the throttle body. Carbon can also build up from the heat and burning of fuel generated from combustion inside the engine. If you want to make sure that your throttle body functions properly, it will help to know how to clean a Toyota Camry throttle body.

Step 1

Locate the throttle body on your Toyota Camry. It's located between the air intake and the intake manifold on the engine.

Step 2

Mark each hose and label the location of them on the throttle body with masking tape and a permanent marker.

Step 3

Loosen the retaining screws on the the clamps holding the air ducting to the throttle body. The screws turn counter-clockwise with a Phillips head screwdriver.

Step 4

Pull the air ducting apart. It's connected to the throttle body housing, so you might have to persuade the ducting off by shifting or rotating the duct back and forth. Leave the wiring plugged in.

Step 5

Spray the inside of the throttle body with throttle body cleaner.

Step 6

Scrub the inside of the throttle body with cleaning brushes. Remove all of the deposits down to the bare metal.

Step 7

Wipe down the inside of the throttle body with a clean rag. Do not leave any residue or debris in the throttle body, as this has the potential to damage your engine.

Step 8

Reassemble the throttle body.

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