How to Clean Tarnished Chrome Rims

by Randall Shatto

Tarnished chrome rims can ruin the appearance of your car. If you bought them second-hand or your car has been sitting for a while, rust and tarnish are common. Restoring rims to their original condition is important. Brasso Metal Surface Polish and Collinite Metal Wax are liquid cleaners. Mirror Glaze All Metal Polish is a cream product. There are various types of chrome tarnish cleaners available from local car detailing shops as well as marine stores.

Pour a cap full of polish on your rag. If you use a cream, dip your cloth into the jar. Only use a small amount.

Wipe the product onto the tarnished chrome rims. Use the rag to clean any cracks in the rims. Move along the top of the tarnished chrome rims and continue around the outside, working towards the middle. Add more cleaner if necessary.

Wait for seven or eight minutes for the product to soak into the rims. This gives the cleaner time to work and remove the rust and tarnish from your chrome rims.

Use the second cloth to wipe away the tarnish. Start at the top and work your way around the rim until you reach the middle. You may need another clean rag to remove all of the polish.

Repeat Steps 1 to 4 if any tarnish remains.


  • check Read the labels on all tarnish removing products. The instructions may differ for your specific product.

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