How to Clean Rubber Auto Floor Mats

by Russell Wood

Rubber floor mats are convenient because they can take a lot of abuse but still look good. Like any type of car maintenance, however, you must clean rubber mats on a regular basis. This is simple and shouldn't take more than 10 minutes to do.

Pull the floor mats out of the vehicle and place them on a hard, flat surface.

Rinse off the rubber mats using the hose. Use a high pressure on the hose, so that it blasts off any dried-on mud or dirt.

Pick up the floor mats, and shake them off so the loose water drains off.

Spray the rubber and vinyl protectant onto the rubber mat, making sure to cover as much of the mat as possible. There are several different types of protectant in various sheens, from high gloss, neutral and low gloss, depending on your preference.

Wipe down the mats with the microfiber towels, working the product into the rubber. You should get a nice sheen on the mats, depending on the type of finish you chose.

Spray additional protectant on any dry spots, and dry the mats off accordingly.

Place the floor mats back into the vehicle.

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