How to Clean Plastic Windshields

by Justin Obrien

Cleaning your car windshield and your motorcycle or ATV windshield are two very different things. Your glass car windshield can take quite a few chemicals and harsh cleaning agents, while your plastic motorcycle windshield must be cleaned with mild cleaners and soft towels. Cleaning a plastic windshield takes a few different steps than cleaning a glass windshield, but it is fairly easy to do with the right techniques.

Soak a towel in the hot water. Lay the towel over the dirty, bug-covered side of the windshield and let the heat of the water loosen the debris for 3 to 5 minutes.

Remove the towel. Mix dish soap in with the hot water. Dip a towel in the mix and circularly scrub the plastic windshield to remove all the bugs and dirt.

Dry the windshield completely. Purchase a very fine grade plastic buffing compound, such as Plexus, from your local auto store. Buff the plastic windshield in a circle to fill and remove all the scratches.

Dip a towel in the soapy water mix and scrub the plastic windshield to remove all the buffing compound.

Rinse the plastic windshield with clean water. Dry the windshield completely.

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