How to Polish Pits Out of Windshields

by Mary Lougee
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Rocks and other flying debris that hit a windshield will make pits or small concave holes in the glass. Repeatedly parking a car under some types of trees enables saps to drip on windshields and form pits over time. Using automobile glass pit polish and a sander fills the holes to the surface level and smooths them for a seamless repair job.

Step 1

Turn a garden hose on and spray the windshield to rinse any loose debris off the surface.

Step 2

Squirt car wash soap into a bucket and add water from the garden hose to make a soapy mix.

Step 3

Dip a car wash sponge into the mix and thoroughly clean the windshield. Spray the car wash off with the garden hose.

Step 4

Let the windshield dry.

Step 5

Place a glass-sanding disc on an orbital sander. Press the disc onto the sander so the Velcro adheres to the sander guard.

Step 6

Squirt auto glass pit polish onto the center of the sanding disc.

Step 7

Turn the sander on and place it on the pits in the windshield. Move the sander in a circular motion over the glass pits. The polish will fill the pits so they are not noticeable.

Step 8

Turn the sander off and feel the pits with a fingertip. Continue using the sander until the surface where the pits were is completely filled with pit polish and level with the rest of the windshield.

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