How to Clean Oxidized Ford Explorer Headlights

by Mel Frank

A Ford Explorer, like any other vehicle, is susceptible to issues with oxidized headlights. When oxidation occurs through natural weathering and residue buildup, the headlights are left cloudy, hazy and working at a lower lighting capacity than they are capable of doing. While the oxidation cannot be remedied with soap and water only, there are a few inexpensive cleaning elements that can be combined to restore the headlights to their original condition.

Fill a spray bottle with an inexpensive cleaning solution. Add equal parts water and vinegar, and add two squirts of liquid dish soap into the bottle. Twist on the cap and shake gently.

Spray the solution directly onto the headlights.

Scrub the headlights in small circular motions with a piece of fine-grain steel wool.

Wipe with a cleaning rag to remove loosened residue. Repeat this process, spraying the solution, scrubbing with the steel wool and wiping with a rag until all oxidation is removed.

Rinse the cloth with clear water and wipe across the headlights to remove any remaining residue.

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