How to Clean the Inside of an Exhaust Pipe

by Emile Heskey
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Cleaning the inside of your exhaust pipe can be a useful way to keep your car running smoothly. Removing loose stones and other material will help to prolong its life, and prevent damage from occurring. Cleaning the inside of the pipe is a simple process, and can be done without the need for any specialist equipment or technical knowledge. Following a few simple tips, you will be able to keep your exhaust pipe clean as part of your regular car maintenance.

Step 1

Use a dry rag to remove any dirt from inside the tip of the exhaust. Ensure that the exhaust is not hot before doing this. Placing the rag over your fingers and rub the inside of the exhaust to remove any excess grime. Do not dampen the cloth, since water in the exhaust pipe will speed up the rusting process.

Step 2

Place the toilet brush inside the exhaust pipe, and scrape out the exhaust pipe. Pull out any loose dirt or stones that may be inside. Repeat this process, twisting the toilet brush once it is inside.

Step 3

Repeat the toilet brush cleaning until no more loose dirt is removed by this process. Clean the inside of the exhaust pipe using the rag again to remove any pieces of loose dirt which may be left, and then finish. Repeat once a month.

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