How to Clean Insects Off a Car's Exterior

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Driving back from a day at the beach and your car gets slapped with bug after bug. It looks like something out of a horror movie! Here's how to get those insects off your windows and car exterior.

Mix 1 qt. hot water with 3 tbsp. household cleaner (such as Mr. Clean). For a less chemical alternative, try a paste of baking soda and water.

Wipe and scrub headlights, bumpers or windows with a soft cloth. Alternatively, use a plastic mesh bag or a sponge covered in mesh - it is abrasive enough to remove the bugs but soft enough not to scratch the glass.

Try a degreaser, such as WD-40, if the residue is particularly sticky.

Preclean bug splats, tar spots or bird droppings on the car's exterior with undiluted car-wash solution and a clean cloth or wash mitt. Then wash the car conventionally.


  • check Remove tree sap with a soft cloth soaked in olive oil or other vegetable oil. Rub in a circular motion until the sap is removed. Rinse.


  • close Avoid using anything on the car's paint job that could remove or scratch the paint. Double-check by reading the car's manual about how best to clean the car's exterior.

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