How to Clean Helmets With Foam Padding

by Chris Gilliland

Nothing beats the feeling of riding free in the wind until that wind enters your helmet, spreading the funk of many days' worth of hard-riding. Fortunately, cleaning your helmet is just as easy as washing your hair.

Disassemble the Helmet

Remove the face shield.

Remove the cheek pads.

Remove any other accessories, such as headsets or chin-curtains.

Cleaning the Helmet

Soak the wash cloth in a solution of cool water and shampoo.

Wipe down the interior padding with the wash cloth, applying gentle pressure to prevent damage to the EPS (foam) liner.

Allow the helmet to dry naturally.

Spray the outer shell of the helmet with a plastic polish/cleaner once the interior is dry. Wipe away the polish with a micro-fiber cloth.

Clean the visor using an anti-fog lens cleaner and a clean micro-fiber cloth.

Wash the pads in a solution of soapy water and allow to dry naturally.

Re-assemble the helmet once completely dry.


  • check Use a high-quality plastic polish/cleaner, such as Plexus or Honda Polish, for the outer shell.


  • close Do not place your helmet in direct sunlight when drying to prevent fading and development of foul odors. Do not use a solvent-based cleaner anywhere on your helmet. Solvents will damage the foam EPS liner and may also harm your helmet's outer shell and faceshield.

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