How to Clean an EGR Valve on a Dodge HEMI

by Cassandra Tribe
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When your Dodge HEMI begins to idle roughly, knock, stall or hesitate you may need to clean its EGR valve. The EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) valve is the component that manages how much exhaust gas is reintroduced to the engine so it can be reburned, so as to decrease the pollution released into the air by using as much of the combustible fumes in the exhaust as possible. If you think your EGR needs to be cleaned, check the engine code; if you see the code P0404, clean the EGR valve on your Dodge HEMI.

Step 1

Open the hood of your Dodge HEMI and remove the air filter housing by undoing the clips on the side and pulling it straight off its holder.

Step 2

Locate the EGR valve. It is in the front of the engine block, located just underneath the alternator. The top of the valve looks like a brass "flying saucer" and it is connected to the engine block with four bolts. There will also be an electrical connection (wires from the valve unit that plug into the wires from the vehicles electrical harness using a plastic block plug) plugged into the EGR unit.

Step 3

Grab the electrical connection and press the two tabs on the sides of the plug block in, then pull the two halves apart.

Step 4

Remove the four bolts holding the EGR unit in the engine, using a socket wrench (there are two different sized bolts--8-mm and 10-mm--on the unit). Pull the EGR unit from the block.

Step 5

Spray the EGR cleaner into the unit, holding the can about six inches away while spraying. Make sure you get the spray inside the valve (where the piston is) by spraying through the breath holes in the brass "flying saucer" top. This will loosen the carbon deposits inside and free up the plunger.

Step 6

Re-install the EGR valve unit onto the engine block. Tighten the bolts until they are hand tight, then turn them 1/4 turn more. Reconnect the electrical plug.

Step 7

Disconnect the positive cable from the battery by loosening the retaining bolt with a socket wrench and pulling the cable off the positive (+) battery post. Wait one minute, then reconnect it. (This will clear the engine code for the EGR valve.)

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