How to Clean a Car's Interior Plastic Surfaces

by Alicia Bodine
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Charlene Sprong

There is more to cleaning a car than just soaping up the exterior and rinsing it off. The plastic interior needs to be kept clean as well. Even if you are a clean person, you are still going to build up dust and dirt inside of your car. By cleaning your car's interior, you can keep it looking newer much longer. You just need to make sure you are using the right products on your plastic interior.

Step 1

Fill an empty spray bottle half full with vinegar. Then fill it to the top with water. Place the cap on the spray bottle, and shake it up.

Step 2

Spray the plastic interior of your car one section at a time. Start with the dashboard, work your way to the steering wheel, and end up with the sides of the car door.

Step 3

Wipe the plastic interior dry with a towel or some paper towels. This will quickly dry the plastic, so that there are no water spots.

Step 4

Finish by using Armor All's Orange Cleaning Wipes (see resources). These wipes are to be used on the spots of the interior that have tough to remove dirt. These are usually the plastic areas closer to the feet. Rub a wipe repeatedly across the dirty spot until the dirt disappears. Throw used wipes away; do not try to reuse them.

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