How to Clean Buffing Wheels

by Cheryl Torrie

Buffing compound builds up on buffing wheels and interferes with the wheels' ability to provide a smooth and consistent surface. Cleaning the wheel is the most cost-effective and quick option, as compared to replacing it. No matter the type of buffing wheel you're using, you need to be able to clean it frequently and easily throughout the job.


Grasp the handle of the wheel rake firmly in your non-dominant hand.


Position the jagged blade edge of the wheel rake at the edge of the spinning wheel and work it across the face of the wheel until the wheel is clear of all excess buffing compound.


Press the buffing compound against the spinning wheel to melt a thin layer of compound to the wheel, and continue buffing and cleaning the wheel.


  • check Applying consistent pressure to the wheel against the piece being buffed will provide the best finish. Whenever you notice that you have to apply additional pressure to the wheel, clean the wheel with the wheel rake.

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