Chrysler Town & Country Van Spare Tire Removal

by Nathaniel Miller
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It requires a bit of ingenuity to release the spare tire on a Chrysler Town and Country van from its storage compartment. In order to increase storage space and heighten aesthetics, Chrysler placed the spare tire in an under-car storage compartment located between the driver and passenger seats. However, with a few hand tools, most home mechanics will be able to remove the spare tire.

Jack the Van Up

Regardless of whether you are stranded alongside the road or are at an in-home garage, put the van in park, set the emergency brake, and use the car jack to jack the van up off of the ground. You will need it jacked up anyway in order to change the tire, so this should not be a wasted effort. Make sure the jack is on solid ground or pavement and that the van is as far away from traffic as possible.

Lower the Spare Tire Cable

Assemble the three piece T-handle tool located in the trunk of the van and then use it to insert into the hole in the floor between the driver and passenger seats. Turn the handle counterclockwise to release the cable and lower it to the ground. If you are lucky, the spare tire will disengage and lower to the ground as well.

Disengage the Tire

If the tire has become corroded in place by excessive salt and water corrosion, the safety latch may not disengage when the cable is released. Crawl under the tire and use a flathead screwdriver and a hammer to lightly pound the engaged lever off of the edge of the tire. Spray a bit of lubricant such as WD-40 onto the lever and work it several times to prevent this situation from arising in the future. Slide the spare tire to the driver's side of the vehicle and slide the cable engagement mount through the center of the wheel.

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