Chrysler Cruiser Fault Code P1494

by Louise Jones

The current industry standard for on-board diagnostics (OBD) codes is OBD-II. While Chrysler use OBD-II, they also use their own codes for specific problems. OBD-II codes start P0 followed by three digits. P1494 is a Chrysler-specific code.

Cruiser Codes

To read error codes on a Chrysler Cruiser, turn the key between the Run position (just before Start) and the off position three times within the space of five seconds. The odometer will show the codes.

Code P1494

Code P1494 gives the description Leak Detection Pump Switch or Mechanical Fault. Either the switch system for the leak detection pump, or the pump itself, is malfunctioning.


Cars have an evaporative (EVAP) system to stop fuel vapors being emitted to the atmosphere. The leak detection pump (LDP) is used to check that there are no leaks in the EVAP system. As the EVAP system is meant to be pressurized, it needs to be monitored for leaks, and so the LDP or switch needs fixing or replacing.

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